[Mondrian] Integrating with any other database

Raja Nagendra Kumar Nagendra.Raja at tejasoft.com
Mon Jun 11 06:04:10 EDT 2007

Hi Julian,

Thank you for the code pointers.

Julian I don't understand Hibernate and JDO as some thing you mentioned as 
object-at-a-time patterns (any pointers to this pattern would be of great 
help.. google has nothing to say on this) .. However, I would see them a OO 
way to managing the persistence and data retrieval. This would enable 
programmer to deal with objects at every layer of his business needs.

Currently these layers would manage conversion 'from and to' when they are 
talking to RDBM system due to the basic structural differences (relation 
tables version Objects). However, in future if they were to integrate with 
pure Object oriented database then, I presume that the conversion is not 
necessary/or minor efforts and this should speed up the performance as 
opposed to killing the performance. Pl. let me know what I am missing here. 
My thoughts on this are coming from we trying to integrate the Mondrian with 
Cache which is a Object Database and claims to run SQL's x times faster 

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> Nagendra,
>> Are there any plans for Mondiran to use Hiberate or any other
>> persistant
>> layer to achive the database inpendence in future.. Not sure
>> if this may
>> have perf penality..
> There are no plans to use Hibernate or any JDO provider. Converting data
> into java objects would kill performance. OLAP access patterns are very
> different from the object-at-a-time patterns supported by Hibernate/JDO.
> We generate SQL to allow the DBMS to do the hard work.
>> curious to know the road map.
> If you're curious, the road map is online. If you're really curious,
> download the code and read it. You'll see that we have an isolation
> layer, centered around the SqlQuery.Dialect class.
> Julian
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