[Mondrian] Is it possible to create a measure whose aggregator depends on dimension ?

Charly Clairmont charly.clairmont at altic.org
Tue Jul 31 07:42:37 EDT 2007

Hi All !

I use Mondrian about more one year, and I meet a issue that I can not

I work on a Human Ressource context and I manipulate numbers of
employees. My problem is the aggregator. I have the organisation
dimension with level like department, service the aggreagotor must be a
sum. But if, I have the time dimension my numbers of employees can not
be a cumulated value. If we count 100 employees each month at the end of
the year we also count 100 and not 1200 !

So my question is : would it be possible to create a measure with rules
that take specified aggregator for a dedicated dimension ?

Perhaps I have to create a request for this feature!

Thanks a lot.

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