[Mondrian] Large number of clone calls associated with MemberType enumeration

Robin Tharappel rtharappel at prospricing.com
Fri Jul 13 17:31:37 EDT 2007


Using hpjmeter we observed a large volume of Object.clone() invocations
during a 20 minute period. The profiler showed about 190 million calls
of the clone method. Approximately 130 million calls were derived from
the MemberBase.isCalculated() method which invokes getMemberType() which
does the following:

public final MemberType getMemberType() {
     return MemberType.values()[flags & 7];

The clone appears to occur when the values() method is invoked on the
enum MemberType :

    enum MemberType {
        REGULAR, // adMemberRegular
         * This member is its hierarchy's NULL member (such as is
returned by
         * <code>[Gender]&#46;[All Gender]&#46;PrevMember</code>, for

In a previous release (2.2.2) this was represented using static
integers. To reduce the number of clone calls we introduced a static
array of the enumerated values and used this array in the getMemberType
method. Below are the changes: 


// Introduce a array of the enumeration to avoid clone calls by values()
static MemberType[] memberTypeArray = MemberType.values();


       public final MemberType getMemberType() {
         return memberTypeArray[flags & 7];

Re-running the test which these changes saw the overall number of clone
calls drop from 190 million to 2 million (with no clone calls originated
from MemberBase.isCalculated() method). The test also completed 40 %
faster.  This issue is more visible when you have a large dimension data
set (close to 1 million in this case).  Let me know if I can assist you
further with this issue (tracker, unit test, etc).



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