[Mondrian] FW: Mondrian issues with date and fact table columns

Arora, Somita sarora at cincom.com
Tue Jul 10 03:19:54 EDT 2007




	We have a few issues with mondrian while building a schema.  We
searched on forums and documentation to look for answers. We would like
to confirm from you about the possible ways of resolving these issues.


	1.	Calculations on fact table columns
		Is it possible to perform calculations on fact table
columns without applying any aggregator on measure.
		Eg. We want to calculate the sale amount on each record
in fact table using the columns as  'qty' * 'price' where 'qty' and
'price' exist as columns in fact table.
		The problem is how do we specify this calculation in
schema without using an aggregator. We did see post on this at
or , but would like an approach that didn't involve a code modification.
	2.	The mondrian 2.3.2 allows 'date' type for 'type'
attribute in level. Is it possible to apply date manipulations on such
types. Eg. Finding date differences between two member values of type
date. We get 0 as result value when we apply a difference of these
values.  This feature would also be useful if we have to find difference
between current date and a date member.
		This query is also posted on forums as


	Thanks and Regards

	Somita Arora

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