[Mondrian] Questions regarding measures and ordinalColumn attributeof Level element

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Thank you for the answers Julian. I'll try to understand better what's
happening, considering what you've just told.

I'll give feedback.

Thank you.
Eduardo Andrade.

On 7/6/07, Julian Hyde <julianhyde at speakeasy.net> wrote:
>  - Why does jPivot shows a sum of every record of the fact table and not
> just the sum of the records that have a foreign key to the dimension ? (
> i.e. by analising the query that mondrian produces i see that it does a
> sum() on the fact column but does not have a join condition with the
> dimension table. Why is that ?
> Two possibilities here. One is that you are not constraining on that
> particular dimension. If the context of a dimension is 'all', then mondrian
> doesn't bother generating join conditions.
> The other possibility is that you are seeing a bug. If your schema has *multiple
> parent-child dimensions without closure tables* that would be fairly
> uncommon and it's possible that there is a bug there. If this is the case,
> please log a bug at
> http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=35302&atid=414613.
> A testcase involving a variant of the foodmart schema and an MDX statement
> would be preferred. As usual, the better testcase you can provide, the more
> likely it is that I will find time to look into it. :)
> - The other issue is that the members of the dimensions are not ordered as
> i would like them to be. The attribute ordinalColumn on the <Level> element
> is being used and the records are fetched correctly with the order by clause
> (i'm seeing this on the query logs of mysql), but they're not showing up
> correctly in the pivot table. Any ideas ?
> It's probably a mondrian issue, because jpivot just displays the data in
> the order it comes back from mondrian. Is your ordinal column numeric or
> string? If it's labelled as a string when it should be numeric, or vice
> versa, the ordering will be screwed up.
> Julian
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