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Julian Hyde julianhyde at speakeasy.net
Tue Jul 3 21:23:40 EDT 2007

As of 2.3, mondrian depends on apache VFS. I think commons-vfs.jar is in the
source distribution and the classpath for builds.
PS the mondrian-users list is not used much these days: better to send to
mondrian at pentaho.org, which is the main list of mondrian developers.


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I have downloaded the mondrian 2.3.2 source code  and  compiled in  my pc.  
I have added some java classes for testing, but the building had successful.

however, while trying to execute the following command line :  
mdxConnection = DriverManager.getConnection(connectString, locator, false);

I get the error:   
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/commons/vfs/FileSystemException  
Then, debugging the source code, seems to me that the error happen exactly
in the the RolapSchema.java class  
 if (schema == null)   
    if (catalogStr == null) {  
       schema = new RolapSchema(key, catalogUrl, connectInfo, dataSource);

Somebody can help me?  
why I have get this error?  
thanks for your attention  

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