[Mondrian] Re:VirtualCubeTest.testCalculatedMemberAcrossCubesfailing on SMP

michael bienstein mbienstein at yahoo.fr
Wed Jan 24 04:33:12 EST 2007

Put a CellFormatter on it and test it again:

public class TestCF implements mondrian.olap.CellFormatter {
    public String formatCell(Object val) {
        return val == null ? "null" : val.getClass().toString()+"@"+System.identityHashCode(val);

Then use it in the schema (I don't think it works on a per-query basis):
A cell formatter modifies the behavior of 

Cell.getFormattedValue(). The class must implement the mondrian.olap.CellFormatter interface, and is specified like this:

  <Measure name="name" formatter="com.acme.MyCellFormatter"/>

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michael bienstein wrote:
> John,
> Try "#.00;;Nil".
> Michael

Result is the same (completely blank):

      [java] Row #1: 5,895
      [java] Row #1: 4501.0
      [java] Row #1: 76.35%
      [java] Row #1:
      [java] Row #2: 6,065
      [java] Row #2: 6258.0
      [java] Row #2: 103.18%
      [java] Row #2:

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