[Mondrian] Re: VirtualCubeTest.testCalculatedMemberAcrossCubesfailing on SMP

Pappyn Bart Bart.Pappyn at vandewiele.com
Mon Jan 22 05:10:25 EST 2007

Hi John,

I already changed that piece of code, added an extra data member to
if thread local or not.  Cannot check it in for the moment though. 

The best thing to catch this one, would be to attach a debugger on that
particular test.  Best in combination with outer tests, not running it
on its own.

If people who are able to reproduce this bug, would be able to do that
tell me what happens, I would be very pleased.


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VirtualCubeTest.testCalculatedMemberAcrossCubesfailing on SMP

Pappyn Bart wrote:
> Hi John,
> I have been busy together with Julian trying to simulate this problem.

OK.  I looked through the code changes but couldn't spot anything

While I was reviewing, I did notice one unrelated thing.  In your
original code, you were using Thread.getId(), and -1 as an invalid
thread ID.  Then you had to change it to System.identityHashCode(thread)
for 1.4-compatibility.  However, I don't think there's any guarantee
that identityHashCode can't return -1 (even though it's unlikely given
that most JVM's implement it as a pointer address), so is the following
test in RolapStar.clearCachedAggregations still correct?

     if (aggregationKey.getThreadId() == threadId) {

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