[Mondrian] NULL literal

Julian Hyde julianhyde at speakeasy.net
Wed Feb 28 04:48:40 EST 2007

> Out on the web I find examples of the use of the NULL
> literal in numeric expressions and when a NULL occurs,
> the expression it self is NULL, e.g,.
> In the mondrian code, A Literal is compiled into a
> ConstantCalc, The integer and double values of
> a 'null' Object constructor parameter are
> 0 for both integer and double rather than
> the DoubleNull object (calling evaluateDouble()
> yields 0.0 rather than DoubleNull).
> Is this a bug?

Sounds like it's a bug. There are a lot of corner cases involving NULL
and EMPTY that I didn't explicitly think about.

Can you give an example MDX query which demonstrates this behavior? (I
tried to write one involving '(NULL / NULL) IS NULL' and MSAS complained
at me. Probably my ignorance at when 'IS NULL' can be applied.)


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