[Mondrian] XMLA Security roles

Pedro Casals pcasalsfradera at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 28 04:30:24 EST 2007


I cannot make security roles work properly when making a query through XMLA (it works OK if the query is done through mondrianQuery tag).
In mondrian.xmla.impl.DefaultXmlaServlet.handleSoapBody I can see this code:
            // use context variable `role' as this request's XML/A role
            XmlaRequest xmlaReq = new DefaultXmlaRequest(xmlaReqElem,
                                       (String) context.get(CONTEXT_ROLE));

However, I do not see where this context is filled besides in handleSoapHeader. handleSoapHeader function only puts this keys: CONTEXT_XMLA_SESSION_ID, CONTEXT_XMLA_SESSION_STATE.

One question more: If security is not implemented I would do it. I have read XMLA 1.1 spec and I could not see where to define the role in the SOAP message. Should it be defined as a restriction?

Thanks in advance for your answer


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