[Mondrian] MEMBER_ORDINAL: fubar when combined with native filtering?

John V. Sichi jsichi at gmail.com
Wed Feb 21 21:01:24 EST 2007

Derby upgrade is checked in as eigenchange 8762; ordering fix is checked 
in as eigenchange 8763.  I ran through tests on both Derby and MySQL, 
once with the new property set to false, and again with the new property 
set to true.

Note that ordinal column will now ALWAYS be fetched, even when it is 
ignored because the property is set to false.  This allowed me to 
simplify the UNION plus ORDER BY logic considerably.

For the Derby upgrade, I also had to upgrade 
demo/derby/derby-foodmart.zip, otherwise the new version of Derby would 
try to migrate the old catalog on first run, causing one test to fail 
the first time (after that it would be OK after the migration got 
saved).  I did the migration myself and then updated the .zip with the 
migrated catalog.


John V. Sichi wrote:
> John V. Sichi wrote:
>> I downloaded the latest Derby ( and the complaints are gone. 
>> Assuming it passes all tests, is it OK to upgrade the checked-in 
>> version (10.1)?  Browsing the release notes for the last few revs, it 
>> looks like they've added enhancements for GROUP BY expression and some 
>> ORDER BY fixes.  (The GROUP BY expression enhancement should allow 
>> FoodMart.xml to be changed to use an expression for Name, but that can 
>> wait.)
> Update on this:  the new Derby passes tests, with the following impact:
> 1) It appears to be a little bit more memory-hungry, so it runs out of 
> memory for some tests unless I add -Xmx128m to junit.jvmargs; I can do 
> that permanently, which should also allow tests to run with Richard's 
> memory limit changes enabled.
> 2) The nagging problem with 
> VirtualCubeTest.testCalculatedMeasureAcrossCubes now shows up for every 
> full run, even on my laptop.  Julian, I think you said you know what's 
> going on with this--that it incorrectly computes the number of passes 
> required in terms of the base cubes instead of the virtual cube, so the 
> calculated measure will come out null if the cache wasn't primed?

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