[Mondrian] Re: Eigenbase perforce change 8725 for review

Julian Hyde julianhyde at speakeasy.net
Thu Feb 15 17:01:25 EST 2007

> Richard Emberson wrote:
> Having a local property file as you suggest,
> site-local.properties,
> and including the line in build.xml:
> +  <property file="${project.location}/site-local.properties"/>
>    <property file="${project.location}/build.properties"/>
>    <property file="${project.location}/mondrian.properties"/>
> in build.xml would do the trick.


This change would require one line in build.xml, several updates to the
documentation, and a few dozen questions on the forum to deal with the
ensuing confusion.

Configuration changes have much bigger impact than the mere code change.
Unless you are prepared to shoulder all of that impact, don't make the


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