[Mondrian] Re: Eigenbase perforce change 8725 for review

Julian Hyde julianhyde at speakeasy.net
Thu Feb 15 03:32:16 EST 2007

> Julian, would you consider changing the way this file is 
> managed so that 
> the DoNotCheckIn approach isn't required?  One solution that 
> is known to 
> work well is to support a site-local.properties which 
> overrides whatever 
> is in the checked-in mondrian.properties.  Developers would then edit 
> site-local.properties for their own settings, and only edit 
> mondrian.properties when they really want to commit changes.  
> There are 
> other approaches too.  They all add a bit of complexity over 
> the current 
> approach, but removing the human-error-proneness might be worth it.

I think the existing configuration management is too complex. I'd rather not
make it worse.

I've considered generating mondrian.properties from MondrianProperties using
reflection but... You've heard it before... I don't have the time.

So let's keep the status quo. I'll make a note to sanity check
mondrian.properties before each release.


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