[Mondrian] Multi-threading SQL execution

Julian Hyde julianhyde at speakeasy.net
Mon Feb 12 20:38:24 EST 2007

Oops, just noticed that Michael had already enumerated my option #3.
There's no such thing as a simple feature -- for instance, I've been working
on another 'simple feature' (cache flush) for 5 months now. :)
The simplest implementation of in-cache rollup would look what is already in
cache, but to meet Matt's objectives we would need to go further: predict
what is going to be in cache after the requests are complete, and defer
requests which can be subsumed by other requests.


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There's actually a far simpler optimization to be done in the next release I
hope that can speed things up a lot in this regard that doesn't involve
going to the database at all: rollups from cached cells.  Currently if a
Cell is requested and it is not in cache, it will be fetched from the
database even if all the cells that are needed to calculate its value *are*
in the cell cache.



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