[Mondrian] VBA functions / IIF

Julian Hyde julianhyde at speakeasy.net
Mon Feb 12 20:38:24 EST 2007

Can you give me a list of functions you need? Already on my list (see
tions) are:


	Cint(String) returns Number *

	CStr(Number) returns String *

	Power(Number, Number) returns Number

	Log(Number) returns Number

	Sqrt(Number) returns Number

	Substring(String, Integer) returns String

	Substring(String, Integer, Integer) returns String


* CInt and CStr are subsumed by the Cast operator which I implemented
recently, but will help people to run MDX queries unchanged.
See further comments inline.


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The client tool we're using (Cognos) issues some vba functions in its MDX
occasionally:  INSTR, MID, LEN, etc.  We've been considering how best to
deal with it.  We could just create some UDFs that mimic what the vba
function does, but we could also create them as builtin Mondrian functions.
Does anyone have an opinion?  

I'd prefer that functions like this are implemented as UDFs.
mondrian.udf.ValUdf is an example (implemented by Gang Chen) of a VB
function implemented in this way.
Even though they are implemented as UDFs, these functions would be available
out-of-the-box. Include them in
src/main/META-INF/services/mondrian.spi.UserDefinedFunction and they will be
picked up automatically.
As usual, we need a handful of testcases in FunctionTest for each function.


We also plan on overriding IIF to support some additional parameter types.
Right now IIF supports iif( <logical expression>, <string>,<string>) and
iif(<logical expression>,<number>,<number>).  We'd like to add
iif(exp,value, str), iif(exp,str, value), iif(exp,value, value).  All of
these permutations are supported by AS2K.  

You're welcome to add other overloads to Iif. Iif is currently a builtin
function, and it should stay that way.
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