[Mondrian] Lots of Dimensions & Lots of Rows

Paul Ramsey pramsey at refractions.net
Wed Feb 7 13:49:28 EST 2007

Matt, how much does Teradata cost? Ballpark?

Matt Campbell wrote:
> We were running Mondrian on a dual core Win2003 server with 3Gig of 
> memory.  The RDBMs for the tests with 100s of millions of fact rows was 
> Teradata, which gives very good performance for the sorts of queries 
> that Mondrian fires.
> On 2/7/07, *Paul Ramsey* <pramsey at refractions.net 
> <mailto:pramsey at refractions.net>> wrote:
>     Matt, thanks for the anecdote, that is amazing (and great news)! What
>     kind of hardware do you have backing your system?
>     Julian, thanks for the detailed response, it will be interesting trying
>     to fit our problem neatly into the OLAP space, but I see lots of
>     advantages to doing so in terms of pre-existing functionality.  On the
>     spatial side, by the time stuff hits the fact table, it is essentially
>     non-spatial. All the spatial relationships (cell->region,
>     cell->watershed) are expressed in the dimensions at that point.
>     Yours,
>     Paul
>     Matt Campbell wrote:
>      > To add some anecdotal info-- we've successfully run Mondrian with
>     nearly
>      > 700 dimensions using fact tables with 100s of millions of
>     rows.  We've
>      > noticed no performance degradation or instability from the number of
>      > dimensions.
>      >


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