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Given TPC-H is an official database + hardware test, as opposed to an OLAP
engine test, we should be able to avoid the marketing wars.


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Good point.  You'll probably want to publish this as an official policy 
with a short URL so that flamewar threads can be cut short quickly with 
a single link :)


Julian Hyde wrote:
>> Since there are strict rules about reporting TPC-H results of 
>> any kind, 
>> we should make it clear via disclaimers and naming that this is an 
>> unofficial multidimensional adaptation and not the real TPC-H 
>> benchmark.
> Agreed.
> I would also like to avoid acrimonious debate about performance numbers
> mondrian running on various platforms. Our goal is to make mondrian the
> best engine for all operating systems and databases, not to play
> or allow people to advertise how wonderful their system is.
> So, I propose that people don't publish numbers in this forum; DBMS
> are of course welcome to publish numbers on their own forums.
> It may be necessary to discuss numbers for development purposes, e.g.
> "Running MySQL, I added an index and query A went from 100s down to
> This is acceptable as long as the specifics (hardware platform, memory,
> specification) are kept to a minimum necessary to have a technical
> discussion, and direct comparisons to competing platforms (e.g. Oracle,
> Linux vs. Windows) are not made.
> Julian
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