[Mondrian] Re: TPCH-H for Mondrian

John V. Sichi jsichi at gmail.com
Sat Dec 22 02:15:58 EST 2007

This paper describes something similar to what you're talking about (a 
version of TPC-H modified to be more amenable to cubing).  Views can 
also help for getting things into a form Mondrian likes (rather than 
trying to express all table->cube mapping at the Mondrian schema level).



Sherman Wood wrote:
> Yeah, we talked about doing a scalability test using TPC-H a while ago, 
> and now I am getting some help with that from a partner who has a large 
> environment – machines, disk, database.
> I am just developing the schema now. I had few issues with the 
> snowflakey-ness, not the least of which is that it is a transactional 
> model not optimized in the way that you would like for Mondrian. I had a 
> few issues with Mondrian dealing with snowflakes – it was not clear how 
> to do joins of joins, getting the aliases right etc.
> With the schema almost together, I am working on simulating the TPC-H 
> test queries in MDX, most of which are easy.
> I could contribute this back, but how best to do it? It would make sense 
> to have an example TPC-H database in Mondrian in the same way as we have 
> Foodmart today, and a test suite against that.
> I am also looking at using a few simple transforms of the TPC-H database 
> that make it more suitable for Mondrian – less snowflakey, making the 
> linetiem table a real fact table by adding keys on it and adding a few 
> indexes. These additions could also be included with a separate schema.

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