[Mondrian] NON EMPTY + exception

Agustin Campos aguscampos at terra.es
Wed Dec 12 02:14:55 EST 2007

Hello all:

I am having a little problem with my cube. It has 3 dimensions.

The case is that, when I ask something like this:

select NON EMPTY Crossjoin(Hierarchize(Union({[Dim1].[All]},
[Dim1].[All].Children)), {[Dim2].[All]}) ON COLUMNS,
  NON EMPTY {[Dim3].[All]} ON ROWS
from [MyCube]

and then, I expand Dim1 I get an exception like this:

SqlMemberSource.getMemberChildren: executing sql [ SQL query ], exec 46 ms,
exec+fetch 46 ms, 7 rows
mondrian.olap.MondrianException: Mondrian Error:Internal error: Error while
executing query: MDX query which should work


Caused by: mondrian.olap.MondrianException: Mondrian Error:Internal error:
join does not have alias

Do you have any idea about what could cause this problem? I know that I have
not sent the complete log but, I hope this could help to troubleshoot the

I remind: It ONLY happends when I ask for non empty cells. It DOES WORK when
they are allowd.

Thank you a lot:

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