[Mondrian] RE: Conversion from Member[] to List<Member>

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.org
Mon Dec 10 13:27:35 EST 2007

> Luis wrote:
> as we are working on high cardinality over the changes we've 
> sent you, 
> instead of generating a patch firstly for the change from Membe[] to 
> List<Member> and then for the high cardinality support, I 
> propose you to 
> wait for the next improvement and then make all change once 
> (including 
> your comments to improve the code).

My concern is that the high cardinality change will destabilize the code. If
there is any chance that the the change is destabilizing, it would be better
to make the API change as a separate edit.

It's your call. If you think that we can make both changes without
destabilizing the code, let's do it. But as Colin Powell said, "You break
it, you own it." :)

Would it help if I created a perforce account for your committer? Then at
least you could apply the changes to the head revision. I am willing to
merge your changes with the head revision, but it won't be trivial because a
couple of large changes have gone in since 2.4.


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