[Mondrian] RE: Conversion from Member[] to List<Member>

Julian Hyde jhyde at pentaho.org
Fri Dec 7 13:39:12 EST 2007

No I didn't get this.  Maybe luis.canals at stratebi.com is not a member of the
mondrian at pentaho.org list - it rejects posts from non-members.

The full text of the files is enough for me to work with, if you also tell
me the date/change number that the files are based on. For the next big
change, we will give one of you access to perforce, so you can do your own
merging. :)

I notice that you changed evaluateTuple() to return List<Member> rather than
Member[]. I don't want to change that API. The array is always small
(usually 1 or 2 members), doesn't need to be dynamically extended, and space
is a premium.

A few methods are written on a single line, e.g.

   public String toString() { return "AbstractStringCalc type object"; }

please make these multiple lines and adhere to the 80 char line limit.

   public String toString() {
       return "AbstractStringCalc type object";

Also, please create a concise list of the API changes you have made, in
particular changes to the public API (or APIs which some people may have
built code on). We will need to document these changes in the release notes.

The changes look OK - but I will do a more thorough review when you tell me
the base change number.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Javier Giménez Aznar [mailto:javier.gimenez at stratebi.com] 
> Sent: Friday, December 07, 2007 3:39 AM
> To: 'Julian Hyde'
> Subject: RV: Conversion from Member[] to List<Member>
> Hello Julian,
> Luis sent this to the Mondrian list, but I hope you received 
> the message,
> didn't you?
> Regards,
> Javier
> -----Mensaje original-----
> De: Luis F. Canals [mailto:luis.canals at stratebi.com] 
> Enviado el: miércoles, 05 de diciembre de 2007 22:42
> Para: mondrian at pentaho.org
> CC: Jorge López Mateo; Javier Giménez Aznar
> Asunto: Conversion from Member[] to List<Member>
> Dear Mr. Hyde,
> as you may remember, some weeks ago we were talking in the mondrian
> developers list about the posibility of changing the way results are
> returned from database from Member[] to List<Member> to be able to
> include some kind of control for high cardinality dimensions.
> Ok, changes are made, and running.  We will be very happy if you could
> include these improvements into the head version of Mondrian.
> The question is (if you want to see these changes): do you want us to
> send these changes through
>     1.- a patch file over current stable release
>     2.- a patch file over the head version on preforge
> Only to see how many files have been changed (a lot!), and to test our
> changes, we send you a tar.bz2 with our changes on the source code.
> Waiting for your answer, best regards,
> - luis

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