[Mondrian] Programatically stopping a request / Concurrent access of model

Eduardo Andrade eduardofandrade at gmail.com
Fri Dec 7 05:19:14 EST 2007


i was trying to understand if it is possible to "kill" a
mondrianModel.getResult() statement, because if a user builds up a
complicated MdxQuery that asks a lot from the database, it would be nice to
have a 'stop' button so the user can choose to stop, and don't wait for the
result. If it exists, where should I look for it ?

Another question is related to the access of a MondrianModel object
(jPivot's one, not sure though if you guys can help me on this one, but i'll
still post it). We have a web application with mondrian embedded on it. So
for every cube definition we have one model that is shared among all the
application users.
Every time a user makes a request :
- If it's the first time the user is doing analysis, we set up a basic MDX
query with the Dimensions/Measures he selected, and return the result,
saving the query in session.
- In subsequent requests we simply set the mdx query that is saved,
expand/colapse/ members, whatever the user does on the screen, and save the
mdx query again for future requests.
The main method that does the server processing of the result and sets the
mdx querys is "synchronized".
Is this a good approach to concurrent access of the MondrianModel ? Are
there another one(s) ?

Thank you.

Best wishes,

Eduardo Andrade
eduardofandrade at gmail.com
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