[Mondrian] performance impact of having several cross joins ofdimensions at the All level

Julian Hyde julianhyde at speakeasy.net
Thu Aug 30 13:49:51 EDT 2007

What happens if you replace the All members with another member from the
same dimension?
I hypothesize that the slow running time is due to the sheer number of
nested invocations - O(2^N) - not a problem specific to All.
A variant of the NonEmptyCrossJoin function which took an arbitrary number
of arguments might be a solution. Then at least the arguments to the
function would only need to be evaluated once. The set constructor operator
'{ ... }' may look trivial, but it adds up.
Also try wrapping the arguments to each NonEmptyCrossJoin in the Cache
operator. (This would require a code change to
NonEmptyCrossJoinFunDef.java.) Would have the same effect.


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We have observed a significant slow down in performance when the there are
several nested NonEmptyCrossJoin calls in an MDX query. Below is an example
query that shows the non empty cross join of about 40 dimensions, however
only 3 dimensions are not at the All level ( Dim18, Dim20, and Dim28). We
see a substantial improvement in performance when the dimensions at the All
level are removed. The performance impact appears to be in lower CPU
utilization for Mondrian. Since the other dimensions are at the All level
the expectation is that not much processing would not be required for them.
What is the overhead incurred for a dimension at the All level in this case


WITH SET [#DataSet#] as
im1].[All]}, {[Dim2].[All]}), {[Dim3].[All]}), {[Dim4].[All]}),
{[Dim5].[All]}), {[Dim6].[All]}), {[Dim7].[All]}), {[Dim8].[All]}),
{[Dim9].[All]}), {[Dim10].[All]}), {[Dim11].[All]}), {[Dim12].[All]}),
{[Dim13].[All]}), {[Dim14].[All]}), {[Dim15].[All]}), {[Dim16].[All]}),
{[Dim17].[All]}), {Descendants([Dim18].[All], 3)}), {[Dim19].[All]}),
{[Dim20].[All].Children}), {[Dim21].[All]}), {[Dim22].[All]}),
{[Dim23].[All]}), {[Dim24].[All]}), {[Dim25].[All]}), {[Dim26].[All]}),
{[Dim27].[All]}), {Descendants([Dim28].[All], 3)}), {[Dim29].[All]}),
{[Dim30].[All]}), {[Dim31].[All]}), {[Dim32].[All]}), {[Dim33].[All]}),
{[Dim34].[All]}), {[Dim35].[All]}), {[Dim36].[All]}), {[Dim37].[All]}),
{[Dim38].[All]}), {[Dim39].[All]}), {[Dim40].[All]}), {[Dim41].[All]}),
{[Dim42].[All]}), {[Dim43].[All]})' SELECT {[Measures].[Measure1],
[Measures].[Measure2], [Measures].[Measure3]} on columns, NON EMPTY
Hierarchize({[#DataSet#]}) on rows FROM [Transaction]







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