[Mondrian] CurrentDateMember udf

Julian Hyde julianhyde at speakeasy.net
Tue Aug 28 20:55:00 EDT 2007


> The caching I was thinking of adding does use the dependency 
> interface 
> to declare that CurrentDateMember/CurrentDateString UDFs are not 
> dependent on any dimension value.

I don't think 'interface UserDefinedFunction' has a method for declaring
dependencies. Nor should it have, because dependencies are difficult to mere
mortals to understand.

> I will add the timestamp to RolapResult because it will make any 
> computation requiring the current time consistent. However, 
> itself alone 
> will not help with the time consuming part of the UDF, i.e. issuing a 
> SQL to look up whether the member value corresponding the (cached) 
> timestamp string exists. Expression caching will still be a good 
> addition here.

If CurrentDateMember cannot declare its dependencies - and it can't because
it's a UDF - expression caching will be ineffective. You should either cache
within the function, or add this new Cache() function which knows to ignore
dependencies and force caching.


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