[Mondrian] Discarding exceptions

Thiyagu Palanisamy tpalanis at thoughtworks.com
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Thanks Julian,
 I'm surprised that we missing this before check-in, this has no reason to 
be there. I have verified that this is the only instance. 
 Not able to connect to perforce today, seems to be some connectivity 
issue. I will fix and check-in tomorrow.

Is there any check-in freeze due to the release? 

- Thiyagu

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[Mondrian] Discarding exceptions

I just bumped into a catch block you wrote in SegmentLoader.load:
        } catch (SQLException e) {
            throw stmt.handle(e);
        } catch (Exception e) {
It was throwing away a genuine exception (albeit after it had printed the 
stack trace to a logfile). We were generating an invalid statement for 
Oracle, but by the time it reached that catch block it had been wrapped in 
a RuntimeException, so it hit the 'Exception' block rather than the 
'SQLException' block.
Any particular reason you chose to throw away the exception? Our error 
handling policy is to re-throw everything that can possibly indicate an 
error, so that the top-level statement will fail.
Can you do a review and make sure you haven't put similar error-handling 
code elsewhere?
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