[Mondrian] Cmdrunner cannot connect using xmla on non default port

Richard Emberson remberson at edgedynamics.com
Thu Apr 19 09:32:17 EDT 2007

It seems that MockHttpServletRequest.java hardcodes 8080.
It does provide an API for setting the port to something
else, but there is no place in the CmdRunner class where
this part of the API is called...
So, you are correct, it is hard coded.

Setting the values of an object, the MockHttpServletRequest, from
the command-line, that is itself created based upon a
command-line option is not always easy or very clean.

One approach is to define special properties for the
MockHttpServletRequest which it always checks for. Those
properties could then just be part of the property file
that is normally loaded when using the CmdRunner.
For instance, the property:


could be the name of the property used to set the
MockHttpServletRequest serverPort instance variable.

This, of course, requires code change in MockHttpServletRequest.java.


Pappyn Bart wrote:
> I notice the xmla destination address is hard coded in the cmdrunner.  I 
> have services, I cannot disable, that are using port 8080,
> so my mondrian xmla is using port 8081.
> Is there a workaround ?
> Thanks,
> Bart
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