[Mondrian] mondrian.rolap.aggregates.ChooseByVolume Property inMondrian

Richard Emberson remberson at edgedynamics.com
Wed Apr 18 09:16:23 EDT 2007

This might make a great undergraduate CS senior project:
Mondrian volume vs. nos or rows, vs. database (mysql, oracle, etc.),
vs. size of aggregate table, etc.
The student would come out with niche knowledge - which
can help in getting a meaningful first job.
Anyone know any CS undergraduates or their advisors?

Julian, if Mondrian had a web page listing, say, 5 to 10
investigations that college students could do with
Mondrian, it might sow the seeds of future contributors.

Just a very early, pre-coffee, morning thought.


Julian Hyde wrote:
> No one ever studied it, to my knowledge. This is one of those cases 
> where the developer (in this case Richard Emberson) gives the end-user a 
> choice because he doesn't know the answer.
> My gut would be to go with row count, because it is simpler.
> Julian
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>     Hi,
>     As suggested in the Mondrian spec,
>     /mondrian.rolap.aggregates.ChooseByVolume/ determines whether to
>     choose aggregate tables based on volumn or rows. My question is that
>     *is there any study on this property to tell which method (ByVolumn
>     or ByRows) to choose aggTables is better under which circumstances*?
>     If so, has Mondrian been evaluated against this property? What is
>     the result like? This information would be quite useful when coming
>     to tuning Mondrian for selecting aggregate tables?
>     Can anybody shed some light on this? I would be greatly appreciative
>     if you could help.
>     Thanks
>     Jie
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