[Mondrian] mondrian.rolap.aggregates.ChooseByVolume Property inMondrian

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Wed Apr 18 03:55:51 EDT 2007

No one ever studied it, to my knowledge. This is one of those cases
where the developer (in this case Richard Emberson) gives the end-user a
choice because he doesn't know the answer.
My gut would be to go with row count, because it is simpler.


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As suggested in the Mondrian spec,
mondrian.rolap.aggregates.ChooseByVolume determines whether to choose
aggregate tables based on volumn or rows. My question is that is there
any study on this property to tell which method (ByVolumn or ByRows) to
choose aggTables is better under which circumstances? If so, has
Mondrian been evaluated against this property? What is the result like?
This information would be quite useful when coming to tuning Mondrian
for selecting aggregate tables?


Can anybody shed some light on this? I would be greatly appreciative if
you could help.






Jie Wu

FIT 410, The University Of Memphis

Memphis, TN, 38111, USA


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