[Mondrian] how to get a fresh connection to the olap server

Julian Hyde julianhyde at speakeasy.net
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Note that from mondrian 2.3, we introduced the CacheControl API, and
CachePool.flush is deprecated. Use 

mondrian.olap.Connection connection;

The CacheControl API has more methods for fine-grained cache control.


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will this work for mondrian 2.2 
if I write this , in my JSP, still the result displayed isnot refreshed,
after some data

On 4/12/07, Haridasan T <haridasan.t at gmail.com> wrote: 

Is there any way to flush the mondrian cache in 2.2?
What is the best method to clear the cache, since the data is getting
changed through out the day
Hari Nair

On 4/12/07, Julian Hyde <julianhyde at speakeasy.net> wrote: 

The 'fresh' parameter is obsolete. I'll remove it.

John tells me that you are adding support for creating testcases which 
have variations on the foodmart schema, and I suspect that this question
is related to that. You should investigate the TestContext.create and
TestContext.createSubstitutingCube methods, which do exactly that.

These methods create a schema string on the fly, so you'll end up with a
connection which shares another connection's catalog only in the
extremely unlikely event that another connection asked for exactly the 
same catalog.

I'll add a new connect string parameter 'UseSchemaPool' for future use,
but I don't think you need it.


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> Hi,
> I am trying to get a fresh connection to the olap server with 
> a private schema for one of my test case. I called 
> mondrian.test.FoodMartTestCase.getConnection(boolean fresh)
> with fresh = true. After a chain,
> mondrian.olap.DriverManager.getConnection(...) get called. 
> Its signature is
> public static Connection getConnection( 
>     Util.PropertyList properties,
>     CatalogLocator locator,
>     DataSource dataSource,
>     boolean fresh) 
> The comment on top of the method says if fresh is true then a
> new connection is created; if fresh is false then the
> connection may come from a pool. However, the body of that
> method does not make use of the fresh parameter at all. It 
> always returns a new RolapConnection regardless value of 
> fresh. (furthermore, that RolapConnection seems to always try
> to get the schema from a RolapSchema.Pool). I would highly
> appreciate if someone tell me why the fresh parameter ends up 
> not being used in that method. 
> Also, I would like to modify existing code to propagate that
> fresh parameter down to the constructor of RolapSchema and
> manipulate the connectionKey inside the constructor so that 
> new schema will be created for the new connection (instead 
> pulling a cached schema from the pool). Please advise if this
> would potentially cause problems.
> Regards,
> Khanh. 
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