[Mondrian] Mondrian OLAP connection problem

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You can qualify a table with a schema name:
< <file:///e:/open/mondrian/doc/schema.html#XML_Table> Table
schema="foodmart" name="sales_fact_1997"/>
Also, I know that Oracle supports synonyms which cross schemas. So you can
log into schema A, and if you need to reference a table in schema B, create
a synonym in schema A referencing that table. Other databases have similar


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 Greetings for the day!
  I am very new to Mondrian.  I am having  following problem
  Can mondrian underlying DB swtich from one schema to another, given a
single instance of DB.
    DB URL= localhost:3306
    Suppose i want to use tables from two different schema? How can i do it?
    A and B are two schemas. A contains TableA & B Contains TableB.
    MDX query will need informations of TableA as well as TableB.
  In order to get Result we use following two lines of code:
mondrian.olap.Query query = connection.parseQuery(queryString);
  Result result = connection.execute(query);
connection is Connection to OLAP server , suppose it is related to
How will i parse a query which is related to schema B with this connection?
It may be becoz, i am confused with OLAP connection & connecting two schema
of a DB.
Kindly help me.
Thanks & Regards

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