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Thu Dec 14 11:44:29 EST 2006

Hello, I have this consultation MDX:

NON EMPTY ([Categoria].Members) ON COLUMNS,
NON EMPTY ([Estados].[Todos los Estados].Children) ON ROWS
FROM [Ventas_Terr]

My dimension category(Categoria) is:

 - Name of Category (First Level)

My dimension states(Estados) is:

 - All States (First Level)
 - Name of State (Second Level)
  - Name of Municipality (Thrid level)
   - Postal Code (Fourt level)

Mondrian throw this results:

                     A       AA       AAA
Todos los estados   91      381        51
¦- Aguascalientes   76      160        24
¦- Baja California
¦- Campeche                   1
¦- Colima

I have three questions:

 1.- How I can do that mondrian, does not show the empty rows and the
empty columns?
 2.- Which would be the instruction in MDX, to show all the members that
are in the second level of the dimension states?

NON EMPTY ([Category].Members) ON COLUMNS,
NON EMPTY ([states].[All states].[#Second Level#].Children) ON ROWS
FROM [Sales_Terr]

 3.- When I export this information in the format ".xls",  How is
indicated to mondrian so that it does not put the levels of my dimension
states in a single column; if not that puts each level in a different
 Please see the pictures present_export and wished_export.

Thanks beforehand for all the aid that can give me.
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